What does it mean to be a Zionist?

By Adam Shasha As the “Zionism 301” series draws to close and I reflect upon the articles published I thought I would join the conversation with the above question. A few years ago, Bnei Akiva brought over Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel as a guest speaker. In one of his discussions he attempted to answer the aboveContinue reading “What does it mean to be a Zionist?”

Zionism 301: Herzl and the Belzer Rebbe

By Hannah Cowen, Shevet Na’aleh When the Belzer Rebbe was escaping the Holocaust, the rescue committee insisted that he be issued travel certificates for Eretz Yisrael. These certificates were reserved for ‘tziyonim vatikim’ (longtime/outstanding Zionists). His brother argued that the Rebbe was entitled to one. “Three times a day he says ‘And may our eyesContinue reading “Zionism 301: Herzl and the Belzer Rebbe”

Zionism 301: Escaping Definition

By Shira Collins, Shevet Ne’eman, currently on Hachsharat Torani Not long ago, ‘Zionist’ was just something I said I was. I used to think I understood what it really meant, but on the Torani pre-Pesach Seminar I got an insight of how broad Zionism is and what modern Zionism actually means. Before the seminar, IContinue reading “Zionism 301: Escaping Definition”

Zionism 301: Modern and Divine

By Rafi Dover, Shevet Hagevura For me, Zionism has to justify itself in two interconnected ways, and through these justifications, I find profound meaning in it. The Modernist-Zionist Way As Zionism (even Religious Zionism) is self-consciously a product of modernism, it has to justify itself through tangible ‘hard facts’ – we are a people existing inContinue reading “Zionism 301: Modern and Divine”

Zionism 301: A Third Path

by Yehuda Fink, Shevet Shvut, Technical Director 5775 “The national religious are dangerous. More dangerous than Hezbollah, more than drivers in car-ramming attacks or kids with scissors. The Arabs can be neutralized, but they cannot…” These are charming words of “journalist” Yossi Klein, printed in Ha’aretz this week. I do not need to explain hisContinue reading “Zionism 301: A Third Path”

Zionism 301: Conviction and Inclusivity

By Jordan Bernstein, Shevet Ne’eman On the one hand, you have a religion that has been around for 4000 or so years, caked in history, spirituality, transcending all physical structures or fleeting political ideals. On the other hand, you have a belief that the Jewish people have a right to national self-determination in the LandContinue reading “Zionism 301: Conviction and Inclusivity”

Zionism 301: The Salmon of Certanity

By Jonny Sherman, Shevet Lavi, Mazkir 5773 So let’s talk Salmon. Classic machane analogy #27: There are two types of Salmon in the supermarket: farmed and wild. Difference? Farmed Salmon are raised in a protected environment – sans predators, but tastes…average. Wild Salmon are free to roam the rivers, developing greater flavour…but may not endContinue reading “Zionism 301: The Salmon of Certanity”