Zionism 301: Modern and Divine

By Rafi Dover, Shevet Hagevura For me, Zionism has to justify itself in two interconnected ways, and through these justifications, I find profound meaning in it. The Modernist-Zionist Way As Zionism (even Religious Zionism) is self-consciously a product of modernism, it has to justify itself through tangible ‘hard facts’ – we are a people existing inContinue reading “Zionism 301: Modern and Divine”

Daffodils on the Seder Table

Rafi Dover Much like everything else to do with Pesach, its names come in a group of four; Pesach, Z’man Cheyrutenu (The Time of Our Liberation), Chag HaMatzot (The Festival of Matzot), and Chag HaAviv (The Festival of Spring). The first three of those names enjoy exalted, prime places in the vocabulary of Pesach, asContinue reading “Daffodils on the Seder Table”

Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?

Rafi Dover Last week, I watched a rather fascinating documentary about Regina Jonas, who is considered to have been the first ever female Rabbi (it will remain on iPlayer until 26th February, found here). For those who lack the time to watch the documentary, Jonas was brought up in an impoverished Orthodox family in Berlin,Continue reading “Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?”

Introductory Editorial: Why We Need Yediot

Rafi Dover and Liora Goldberg There has seldom been a madrichim’s meeting, shiur or discussion where nobody has expressed fascinating, innovative and occasionally radical statements or opinions that take us that little bit closer to answering the questions posed by Modern Orthodoxy and Religious Zionism. Bnei Akiva distinguishes itself from other Jewish youth movements byContinue reading “Introductory Editorial: Why We Need Yediot”