Daffodils on the Seder Table

Rafi Dover Much like everything else to do with Pesach, its names come in a group of four; Pesach, Z’man Cheyrutenu (The Time of Our Liberation), Chag HaMatzot (The Festival of Matzot), and Chag HaAviv (The Festival of Spring). The first three of those names enjoy exalted, prime places in the vocabulary of Pesach, asContinue reading “Daffodils on the Seder Table”

Seder Night- when questions are more important than answers.

Max Seitler There is a famous Israeli song which (apparently) all Israeli children know called Be’Egozim Nesacheka. The opening line reads: ‘with walnuts we will play, pesach is here.’ It refers to a game traditionally played with walnuts over Pesach. If you are interested in the song further, you can listen to it here I’veContinue reading “Seder Night- when questions are more important than answers.”