Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders

By Kobi Weiner Split the machane in two parts, bus them away to a location unknown to the chanichim and let them find their way back, however long that may take. Even by the standards of Bnei Akiva, Machlaka is an absolutely crazy idea. Traditionally it has been the highlight of Gimmel, the ultimate challengeContinue reading “Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders”

The power of BAUK pre-camp, as seen by an Aussie!

By Akiva Gluck, Technical Director 5777 On the first day of my tafkid as Technical Director I opened the front drawer of my desk and found to my surprise a picture of fields with a bunch of tents on it. Confused as I was, I turn to the mazkir and asked him about it. HeContinue reading “The power of BAUK pre-camp, as seen by an Aussie!”

Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change

Jack Cohen Editors’ note: The content of this article is in no way representative of the views of Yediot, but its publication reflects the policies and aspirations outlined at the time of its launch (here and here). We hope that resultant debate will be vigorous and respectful, and welcome the submission of articles and letters to the editorsContinue reading “Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change”

Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream

Yehuda Fink The day started like any other day. I sat down to have my breakfast whilst watching the Cricket World Cup semi-final before going off to work – another normal day, enjoying an amazing game of cricket. I then turned to the Jerusalem Post – and everything was stopped when I read the sad news that Yehuda Avner hadContinue reading “Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream”