On March of the Living and Holocaust Education

By Kobi Weiner I have just returned from March of the Living 2018, spending a week in Poland learning about the Holocaust, before participating in the March from Auschwitz I to Auschwitz II – Birkenau. We spent time learning about the incredible Jewish life that existed in Poland for 1000 years, and saw how itContinue reading “On March of the Living and Holocaust Education”

Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders

By Kobi Weiner Split the machane in two parts, bus them away to a location unknown to the chanichim and let them find their way back, however long that may take. Even by the standards of Bnei Akiva, Machlaka is an absolutely crazy idea. Traditionally it has been the highlight of Gimmel, the ultimate challengeContinue reading “Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders”

Celebrating in the wrong places: On Mizrachi’s Yom Yerushalayim trip

By Kobi Weiner This year marks the Yovel, the 50th anniversary, of the Israeli victory in the 6 Day War and the Reunification of Jerusalem. There is no doubt that this is a time to honour the memory of a war which, had we lost, would have mean the annihilation of Israel but instead weContinue reading “Celebrating in the wrong places: On Mizrachi’s Yom Yerushalayim trip”

Dealing with a Divided Israel

By Kobi Weiner Talk to anyone in Israel remotely interested in politics (which is most people) in the past few months, and it’s likely that one topic would crop up eventually: the evacuation of the settlement of Amona. For a good background of the whole story and the political pressures around it read this articleContinue reading “Dealing with a Divided Israel”