Dealing with a Divided Israel

By Kobi Weiner Talk to anyone in Israel remotely interested in politics (which is most people) in the past few months, and it’s likely that one topic would crop up eventually: the evacuation of the settlement of Amona. For a good background of the whole story and the political pressures around it read this articleContinue reading “Dealing with a Divided Israel”

On the Streets of Jerusalem

Jojo Weiner A few days ago in my comings and goings I found myself in the heart of the Hareidi neighbourhood of Me’ah She’arim. I’d done some shopping there and was on my way back to the army: trundling along the crowded pavement, bags flailing about, full IDF garb with all my pins and stripesContinue reading “On the Streets of Jerusalem”

Marriage, Microeconomics and a Romantic Getaway to Cyprus

Zechariah Creeger We talk so much about Israel’s gap between the religious and secular in terms of militarism and nationalism. The usual questions we ask are about whether Chareidi Jews should go to the army or about inter-communal disputes ranging from peoples’ dress in more religious areas to whether the Women of the Wall shouldContinue reading “Marriage, Microeconomics and a Romantic Getaway to Cyprus”