Sing to Hashem a New Song: The Carlebach Dilemma

By Rafi Cohen A week after machane is over, Thursday morning, and I receive a WhatsApp from the shul gabbai: “Hi Rafi, how’s the voice…” It’s an exciting opportunity to bring some of that amazing ruach all the way back from north Wales to what would otherwise be a set of dry and dusty ShabbatContinue reading “Sing to Hashem a New Song: The Carlebach Dilemma”

Welcome to the Men’s Club – and I Want In

By Jemma Silvert  There are a thousand things that this article could be, and there are a thousand things that it is not. This could very easily be a conversation about the Orthodox Union’s recent barring of women from serving as clergy in synagogues; this could very easily be about the potential of Partnership MinyanimContinue reading “Welcome to the Men’s Club – and I Want In”

Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?

Rafi Dover Last week, I watched a rather fascinating documentary about Regina Jonas, who is considered to have been the first ever female Rabbi (it will remain on iPlayer until 26th February, found here). For those who lack the time to watch the documentary, Jonas was brought up in an impoverished Orthodox family in Berlin,Continue reading “Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?”