#1 March of the Living 2019 – Jodie Franks

This year, Bnei Akiva sent five delegates on March of the Living UK, as part of the student bus: Jodie Franks, Rafi Hambling, Chana Bernstein, Noah Haber, and Jemma Silvert. Every day this week, we will share an article from each of them, hearing about their experiences in Poland, what they took from the trip,Continue reading “#1 March of the Living 2019 – Jodie Franks”

BA80 – Do We Really Believe in Aliyah? Part II

In Part I, we explored how Aliyah is the ideology of the Tnua, and even though it may seem that it is no longer seen as such, we are and always will be an Aliyah movement. This leads us into this second part, where we will explore the history of Aliyah in the Tnua andContinue reading “BA80 – Do We Really Believe in Aliyah? Part II”

Pittsburgh: A Response

Tomorrow, it will be four weeks since the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh; four weeks since the incident termed by The Washington Post as “the deadliest attack on Jews in U.S. history”. That is, it is four Shabbatot since the death of eleven innocent people, murdered in the middle of their prayer,Continue reading “Pittsburgh: A Response”

Once a boger or bogeret of Bnei Akiva, always a boger or bogeret*

By Rafi Cohen I never met my mum’s dad, he passed away before I was born. But my mum and her siblings regale his grandchildren with great anecdotes, funny stories and tales from his life. He was by all accounts a wonderful person and many people in the community have fond memories of him. EscapingContinue reading “Once a boger or bogeret of Bnei Akiva, always a boger or bogeret*”

On the Streets of Jerusalem

Jojo Weiner A few days ago in my comings and goings I found myself in the heart of the Hareidi neighbourhood of Me’ah She’arim. I’d done some shopping there and was on my way back to the army: trundling along the crowded pavement, bags flailing about, full IDF garb with all my pins and stripesContinue reading “On the Streets of Jerusalem”

Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change

Jack Cohen Editors’ note: The content of this article is in no way representative of the views of Yediot, but its publication reflects the policies and aspirations outlined at the time of its launch (here and here). We hope that resultant debate will be vigorous and respectful, and welcome the submission of articles and letters to the editorsContinue reading “Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change”