Why the RCA are in denial. Response.

By Noah Haber Having recently read Rafi Dover’s article on the RCA’s statement I was compelled to write a response. This is because I felt that although there may be some merit to his ideas and opinions, he presented only one understanding of a statement which can be understood in more than one way. IContinue reading “Why the RCA are in denial. Response.”

A Home for All: On attitudes to homosexuality in BAUK

By Gideon Bratt (To mark the shloshim of Shira Banki, a victim of the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade attack, and as a challenge to BAUK, I decided to write about something which has been talked about a lot, but not necessarily ‘on our terms’ and specific to our community/movement. This article does not aim toContinue reading “A Home for All: On attitudes to homosexuality in BAUK”

Tetzaveh: The Centrality of Consistency

Ayelet Persey At the end of the section of the Parasha that talks about the preparation of the Mishkan, the Torah mentions the Korban Tamid as a sacrifice that is given twice every day. Rav Meir Spiegelman points out that this commandment is out of context, as it applies to the everyday goings on inContinue reading “Tetzaveh: The Centrality of Consistency”