Sacrifices – the problem of entrails

By Hannah Cowen Sacrifices are often a conundrum. Why do we offer them? Why dead animals? It’s all very confusing. But I’m not going to deal with any of that today. My question is simply this: Why throw out the entrails of bird sacrifices, rejecting them as an offering to Hashem? (We know that withContinue reading “Sacrifices – the problem of entrails”

You are cordially invited to a wedding. Or is it a funeral?

By Hannah Cowen At this crucial point, when Bnei Yisrael have prepared themselves totally to receive the Torah, Moshe brings them to the foot of the mountain to fulfill their destiny. Here we can see the reactions of both Hashem and Bnei Yisrael to their impending covenant, and we should be able to learn theContinue reading “You are cordially invited to a wedding. Or is it a funeral?”

Time flies when you’re learning Torah…

Oli Davidson It’s getting late. It’s almost time. Will you make it? You’re rushing home… 10… 9… the sun has disappeared… 8…7… you run up to the front door… 6… 5… you fumble for your keys… 4… 3… you burst through the door… 2… you look around desperate for that special kiss… 1 SHANA TOVA!!!Continue reading “Time flies when you’re learning Torah…”

Tetzaveh: The Centrality of Consistency

Ayelet Persey At the end of the section of the Parasha that talks about the preparation of the Mishkan, the Torah mentions the Korban Tamid as a sacrifice that is given twice every day. Rav Meir Spiegelman points out that this commandment is out of context, as it applies to the everyday goings on inContinue reading “Tetzaveh: The Centrality of Consistency”