The Coffizz/Coffix Conundrum

By Rafi Kleiman So far, 5778 has been an eventful year where major contemporary issues hitting Israeli society have come to the forefront. We’re talking the African migrant crisis. We’re talking the ongoing pricing-out of Israelis from affordable housing . However, none of the above have anything close to the discussion tearing apart families, friends,Continue reading “The Coffizz/Coffix Conundrum”

Draw Your Movement

By Harry Salter, Rosh Nivchar Turn the clock back eight years and little Harry Salter was sitting in an art class in Hasmonean. As art isn’t my forte, I decided that I need to get out of the class. I called the teacher over and told her my thoughts: “Art should be optional.” As youContinue reading “Draw Your Movement”

Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch

By Dena Schwartz A major current challenge with chinuch in Bnei Akiva is the fact that Jewish education in schools is becoming more informal. While a creative, innovative and more informal educational style is arguably the best route for Jewish education, this has become too similar to what we do at BA. It means thatContinue reading “Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch”

Sacrifices – the problem of entrails

By Hannah Cowen Sacrifices are often a conundrum. Why do we offer them? Why dead animals? It’s all very confusing. But I’m not going to deal with any of that today. My question is simply this: Why throw out the entrails of bird sacrifices, rejecting them as an offering to Hashem? (We know that withContinue reading “Sacrifices – the problem of entrails”

You are cordially invited to a wedding. Or is it a funeral?

By Hannah Cowen At this crucial point, when Bnei Yisrael have prepared themselves totally to receive the Torah, Moshe brings them to the foot of the mountain to fulfill their destiny. Here we can see the reactions of both Hashem and Bnei Yisrael to their impending covenant, and we should be able to learn theContinue reading “You are cordially invited to a wedding. Or is it a funeral?”

Camp Maketh the Man: Leadership Lessons from Winnipeg to Wales

Jason Marantz, Chief Executive of the London School of Jewish Studies  Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I obviously wasn’t part of BAUK – but after a decade of marriage to proud BAnik Gillian Marks, and having heard so many BA stories over the years that I sometimes forget I wasn’t actually there myself, I think I shouldContinue reading “Camp Maketh the Man: Leadership Lessons from Winnipeg to Wales”

Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva

Sam Gross A couple of weeks ago certain sectors of social media and Jewish news outlets exploded in response to an online parsha post by a Rosh Yeshiva of YU, Yeshiva University, a Rabbi Mordechai Willig. In his post (although it is absolutely recommended that you read what he said for yourself), Rabbi Willig expressesContinue reading “Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva”

Daffodils on the Seder Table

Rafi Dover Much like everything else to do with Pesach, its names come in a group of four; Pesach, Z’man Cheyrutenu (The Time of Our Liberation), Chag HaMatzot (The Festival of Matzot), and Chag HaAviv (The Festival of Spring). The first three of those names enjoy exalted, prime places in the vocabulary of Pesach, asContinue reading “Daffodils on the Seder Table”