Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch

By Dena Schwartz A major current challenge with chinuch in Bnei Akiva is the fact that Jewish education in schools is becoming more informal. While a creative, innovative and more informal educational style is arguably the best route for Jewish education, this has become too similar to what we do at BA. It means thatContinue reading “Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch”

Between Manchester and Jerusalem: A Crisis of Identity

By Aaron Seitler The air is warm. Streets, crammed with tourists and schoolchildren, are thick with rich sounds and smells. The waft of pizza; excited shouts and laughter. After the flurry of activity accompanying President Trump’s visit to the Western Wall yesterday, the Old City of Jerusalem is once again in a state of keenContinue reading “Between Manchester and Jerusalem: A Crisis of Identity”

Welcome to the Men’s Club – and I Want In

By Jemma Silvert  There are a thousand things that this article could be, and there are a thousand things that it is not. This could very easily be a conversation about the Orthodox Union’s recent barring of women from serving as clergy in synagogues; this could very easily be about the potential of Partnership MinyanimContinue reading “Welcome to the Men’s Club – and I Want In”

Religious Girls in the Army – A personal Perspective

By Mia Gray, Lehava 5777 Until this year, whenever I had debates with people about religious girls in the army, I always argued from an ideological or intellectual standpoint. My big mistake had been believing that religious girls could join the army. I am under the firm impression that if a religious girl feels that she doesn’tContinue reading “Religious Girls in the Army – A personal Perspective”

Camp Maketh the Man: Leadership Lessons from Winnipeg to Wales

Jason Marantz, Chief Executive of the London School of Jewish Studies  Growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, I obviously wasn’t part of BAUK – but after a decade of marriage to proud BAnik Gillian Marks, and having heard so many BA stories over the years that I sometimes forget I wasn’t actually there myself, I think I shouldContinue reading “Camp Maketh the Man: Leadership Lessons from Winnipeg to Wales”

On the Streets of Jerusalem

Jojo Weiner A few days ago in my comings and goings I found myself in the heart of the Hareidi neighbourhood of Me’ah She’arim. I’d done some shopping there and was on my way back to the army: trundling along the crowded pavement, bags flailing about, full IDF garb with all my pins and stripesContinue reading “On the Streets of Jerusalem”

Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva

Sam Gross A couple of weeks ago certain sectors of social media and Jewish news outlets exploded in response to an online parsha post by a Rosh Yeshiva of YU, Yeshiva University, a Rabbi Mordechai Willig. In his post (although it is absolutely recommended that you read what he said for yourself), Rabbi Willig expressesContinue reading “Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva”

Daffodils on the Seder Table

Rafi Dover Much like everything else to do with Pesach, its names come in a group of four; Pesach, Z’man Cheyrutenu (The Time of Our Liberation), Chag HaMatzot (The Festival of Matzot), and Chag HaAviv (The Festival of Spring). The first three of those names enjoy exalted, prime places in the vocabulary of Pesach, asContinue reading “Daffodils on the Seder Table”