Torani in Retrospect

Rebecca Posner Now that Torani is over, it’s as if the backbone to my year in Midreshet HaRova has dissolved. BA was always the extra place I could turn to, even if just to be reassured that there’s another place to help me get the most out of my Shabbatot and chofesh.

Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream

Yehuda Fink The day started like any other day. I sat down to have my breakfast whilst watching the Cricket World Cup semi-final before going off to work – another normal day, enjoying an amazing game of cricket. I then turned to the Jerusalem Post – and everything was stopped when I read the sad news that Yehuda Avner hadContinue reading “Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream”

Israeli Elections Day: The Festival of Freedom

Michael Rainsbury Whether right, left or centre, the one thing all Israelis agree on is that they are happy today is a national holiday. As a religious person, it makes a pleasant change to have a day off that doesn’t include biblically-ordained restrictions. As a British person, it seems bizarre to miss a whole dayContinue reading “Israeli Elections Day: The Festival of Freedom”

IAW: A view from Birmingham

Sam Seitler “3, 5, 7, 9 free free Palestine” “2, 4, 6, 8 Israel is an apartheid state” “Stop the killing, stop the war, end the siege on Gazaaaaaaaaa” Over the past week these admittedly catchy chants have been resonating throughout campuses across the UK as the local branch of SJP (or whatever the regionalContinue reading “IAW: A view from Birmingham”

Marriage, Microeconomics and a Romantic Getaway to Cyprus

Zechariah Creeger We talk so much about Israel’s gap between the religious and secular in terms of militarism and nationalism. The usual questions we ask are about whether Chareidi Jews should go to the army or about inter-communal disputes ranging from peoples’ dress in more religious areas to whether the Women of the Wall shouldContinue reading “Marriage, Microeconomics and a Romantic Getaway to Cyprus”