Celebrating in the wrong places: On Mizrachi’s Yom Yerushalayim trip

By Kobi Weiner This year marks the Yovel, the 50th anniversary, of the Israeli victory in the 6 Day War and the Reunification of Jerusalem. There is no doubt that this is a time to honour the memory of a war which, had we lost, would have mean the annihilation of Israel but instead weContinue reading “Celebrating in the wrong places: On Mizrachi’s Yom Yerushalayim trip”

What does it mean to be a Zionist?

By Adam Shasha As the “Zionism 301” series draws to close and I reflect upon the articles published I thought I would join the conversation with the above question. A few years ago, Bnei Akiva brought over Rabbi Jeremy Gimpel as a guest speaker. In one of his discussions he attempted to answer the aboveContinue reading “What does it mean to be a Zionist?”

Zionism 301: Escaping Definition

By Shira Collins, Shevet Ne’eman, currently on Hachsharat Torani Not long ago, ‘Zionist’ was just something I said I was. I used to think I understood what it really meant, but on the Torani pre-Pesach Seminar I got an insight of how broad Zionism is and what modern Zionism actually means. Before the seminar, IContinue reading “Zionism 301: Escaping Definition”

Zionism 301: A Third Path

by Yehuda Fink, Shevet Shvut, Technical Director 5775 “The national religious are dangerous. More dangerous than Hezbollah, more than drivers in car-ramming attacks or kids with scissors. The Arabs can be neutralized, but they cannot…” These are charming words of “journalist” Yossi Klein, printed in Ha’aretz this week. I do not need to explain hisContinue reading “Zionism 301: A Third Path”

Religious Girls in the Army – A personal Perspective

By Mia Gray, Lehava 5777 Until this year, whenever I had debates with people about religious girls in the army, I always argued from an ideological or intellectual standpoint. My big mistake had been believing that religious girls could join the army. I am under the firm impression that if a religious girl feels that she doesn’tContinue reading “Religious Girls in the Army – A personal Perspective”

Dealing with a Divided Israel

By Kobi Weiner Talk to anyone in Israel remotely interested in politics (which is most people) in the past few months, and it’s likely that one topic would crop up eventually: the evacuation of the settlement of Amona. For a good background of the whole story and the political pressures around it read this articleContinue reading “Dealing with a Divided Israel”

On the Streets of Jerusalem

Jojo Weiner A few days ago in my comings and goings I found myself in the heart of the Hareidi neighbourhood of Me’ah She’arim. I’d done some shopping there and was on my way back to the army: trundling along the crowded pavement, bags flailing about, full IDF garb with all my pins and stripesContinue reading “On the Streets of Jerusalem”