Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change

Jack Cohen Editors’ note: The content of this article is in no way representative of the views of Yediot, but its publication reflects the policies and aspirations outlined at the time of its launch (here and here). We hope that resultant debate will be vigorous and respectful, and welcome the submission of articles and letters to the editorsContinue reading “Sink or Swim: How BAUK Needs to Change”

Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream

Yehuda Fink The day started like any other day. I sat down to have my breakfast whilst watching the Cricket World Cup semi-final before going off to work – another normal day, enjoying an amazing game of cricket. I then turned to the Jerusalem Post – and everything was stopped when I read the sad news that Yehuda Avner hadContinue reading “Yehuda Avner: The Man Who Lived a Dream”

IAW: A view from Birmingham

Sam Seitler “3, 5, 7, 9 free free Palestine” “2, 4, 6, 8 Israel is an apartheid state” “Stop the killing, stop the war, end the siege on Gazaaaaaaaaa” Over the past week these admittedly catchy chants have been resonating throughout campuses across the UK as the local branch of SJP (or whatever the regionalContinue reading “IAW: A view from Birmingham”

Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?

Rafi Dover Last week, I watched a rather fascinating documentary about Regina Jonas, who is considered to have been the first ever female Rabbi (it will remain on iPlayer until 26th February, found here). For those who lack the time to watch the documentary, Jonas was brought up in an impoverished Orthodox family in Berlin,Continue reading “Could We Ever Have a Maharat Shaliach?”

Give Some Thought to the Thinkers

Adam Wolinsky The best thing about my university library is not its imposing neo-Gothic architecture, nor the contemplative bronze statue of Confucius, but rather its wonderfully expansive section on Zionist literature. I recently had the pleasure of making use of the works of Martin Gilbert (Z”l) et al for an essay I had chosen toContinue reading “Give Some Thought to the Thinkers”

Introductory Editorial: Why We Need Yediot

Rafi Dover and Liora Goldberg There has seldom been a madrichim’s meeting, shiur or discussion where nobody has expressed fascinating, innovative and occasionally radical statements or opinions that take us that little bit closer to answering the questions posed by Modern Orthodoxy and Religious Zionism. Bnei Akiva distinguishes itself from other Jewish youth movements byContinue reading “Introductory Editorial: Why We Need Yediot”