The Rainsbury Review

Having left his tafkid as Head of the British desk at World Bnei Akiva after 4 years, Yediot had the chance to speak to Michael Rainsbury and ask a few questions about his time in Bnei Akiva and his thoughts on the Tnua. What is your first memory of Bnei Akiva? Following the assassination ofContinue reading “The Rainsbury Review”

Draw Your Movement

By Harry Salter, Rosh Nivchar Turn the clock back eight years and little Harry Salter was sitting in an art class in Hasmonean. As art isn’t my forte, I decided that I need to get out of the class. I called the teacher over and told her my thoughts: “Art should be optional.” As youContinue reading “Draw Your Movement”

Sing to Hashem a New Song: The Carlebach Dilemma

By Rafi Cohen A week after machane is over, Thursday morning, and I receive a WhatsApp from the shul gabbai: “Hi Rafi, how’s the voice…” It’s an exciting opportunity to bring some of that amazing ruach all the way back from north Wales to what would otherwise be a set of dry and dusty ShabbatContinue reading “Sing to Hashem a New Song: The Carlebach Dilemma”

Once a boger or bogeret of Bnei Akiva, always a boger or bogeret*

By Rafi Cohen I never met my mum’s dad, he passed away before I was born. But my mum and her siblings regale his grandchildren with great anecdotes, funny stories and tales from his life. He was by all accounts a wonderful person and many people in the community have fond memories of him. EscapingContinue reading “Once a boger or bogeret of Bnei Akiva, always a boger or bogeret*”

Small Thoughts on a Major Experience

By Rebecca Posner Israel Machane. I had the honour to take 32 incredible chanichim on Israel Machane, alongside three other inspiring madrichim. Or were the chanichim inspiring and the madrichim incredible? Who learns from who? Who do you have fun with the most? Michael Rainsbury was our mentor for the educational aspect, and one ofContinue reading “Small Thoughts on a Major Experience”

Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders

By Kobi Weiner Split the machane in two parts, bus them away to a location unknown to the chanichim and let them find their way back, however long that may take. Even by the standards of Bnei Akiva, Machlaka is an absolutely crazy idea. Traditionally it has been the highlight of Gimmel, the ultimate challengeContinue reading “Machlaka: Hiking in the footsteps of our founders”

The power of BAUK pre-camp, as seen by an Aussie!

By Akiva Gluck, Technical Director 5777 On the first day of my tafkid as Technical Director I opened the front drawer of my desk and found to my surprise a picture of fields with a bunch of tents on it. Confused as I was, I turn to the mazkir and asked him about it. HeContinue reading “The power of BAUK pre-camp, as seen by an Aussie!”

Reflections on Torani

By Daniel Lederman This past year I was fortunate enough to have learnt at Yeshivat Hakotel. It has been an incredible experience. For those who want to understand the Israeli perspective, whilst also learning at a high level, I highly recommend the Yeshiva. Yet it was Bnei Akiva’s Torani program that changed how I perceiveContinue reading “Reflections on Torani”

Defending Rabbi Dweck: On Bnei Akiva’s response to communal controversy

By Sam Gross In the last few weeks, Anglo-Jewry has been rocked by a storm of controversy, of accusations, clarifications, innuendos and defamations surrounding Rabbi Joseph Dweck, in the aftermath of his shiur on homosexuality and Orthodoxy in May. The dust has not settled, and the story is still developing. Rabbi Dweck announced that asContinue reading “Defending Rabbi Dweck: On Bnei Akiva’s response to communal controversy”

Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch

By Dena Schwartz A major current challenge with chinuch in Bnei Akiva is the fact that Jewish education in schools is becoming more informal. While a creative, innovative and more informal educational style is arguably the best route for Jewish education, this has become too similar to what we do at BA. It means thatContinue reading “Shavuot Thinking: Challenges in Chinuch”