“That Machane Life” – Josh Daniel

Last month I had the privilege to lead winter machane for the first time and it was incredible. One of the kevutzot on this particular camp involved talking about the various things madrichim sacrifice for B’nei Akiva and the perceptions of those sacrifices in university. We all went around the table and wrote down theContinue reading ““That Machane Life” – Josh Daniel”

The Mazkir Reflects – Rafi Cohen

“What a week it has been, and it’s only Tuesday.” Rafi Cohen, Mazkir I said these words on Monday evening as the clock approached midnight. It did indeed feel like a week had passed with so many incredible, moving and touching events tying together the previous few days. Let me take you through those eventsContinue reading “The Mazkir Reflects – Rafi Cohen”

Why the RCA are in denial. Response.

By Noah Haber Having recently read Rafi Dover’s article on the RCA’s statement I was compelled to write a response. This is because I felt that although there may be some merit to his ideas and opinions, he presented only one understanding of a statement which can be understood in more than one way. IContinue reading “Why the RCA are in denial. Response.”

A Home for All: On attitudes to homosexuality in BAUK

By Gideon Bratt (To mark the shloshim of Shira Banki, a victim of the Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade attack, and as a challenge to BAUK, I decided to write about something which has been talked about a lot, but not necessarily ‘on our terms’ and specific to our community/movement. This article does not aim toContinue reading “A Home for All: On attitudes to homosexuality in BAUK”

Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva

Sam Gross A couple of weeks ago certain sectors of social media and Jewish news outlets exploded in response to an online parsha post by a Rosh Yeshiva of YU, Yeshiva University, a Rabbi Mordechai Willig. In his post (although it is absolutely recommended that you read what he said for yourself), Rabbi Willig expressesContinue reading “Agreeing to disagree: A response to Rabbi Willig for Bnei Akiva”