The power of BAUK pre-camp, as seen by an Aussie!

By Akiva Gluck, Technical Director 5777

On the first day of my tafkid as Technical Director I opened the front drawer of my desk and found to my surprise a picture of fields with a bunch of tents on it. Confused as I was, I turn to the mazkir and asked him about it. He told me “That is Summer Machane and yes, we do camp in fields!” Almost a year later and many late nights, pre-camp has almost come to a close and there is something special and powerful about it which I struggle to see anywhere else in the world.

Although the idea of being in tents in the freezing cold, yes, even in the summer, in Denbigh may not be appealing to most, the madrichim from across all tzvatim have made my first pre-camp an experience never to forget.

The ruach during meal times, the coming together of all the tzvatim, the Shabbat experience, the amazing tisches over Tisha B’av. Of course not forgetting the incredible effort and hard work the madrichim and senior tzevet have put into planning machane. All of this combined has highlighted to me the uniqueness and specialness of Bnei Akiva and the important work that is carried out by so many of our volunteers.

As a Tnua, we should be proud of all of our talented Madrichim and tzvatim, realising how much of an impact they are having on the community around them. I want to take this opportunity to thank them all for giving up their time and summer and I know for a fact that the Chanichim are in for the most incredible two weeks summer experience! Bring on Summer Machane 5777!!!

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