Introductory Editorial: Why We Need Yediot

Rafi Dover and Liora Goldberg
There has seldom been a madrichim’s meeting, shiur or discussion where nobody has expressed fascinating, innovative and occasionally radical statements or opinions that take us that little bit closer to answering the questions posed by Modern Orthodoxy and Religious Zionism.
Bnei Akiva distinguishes itself from other Jewish youth movements by having a clear, well-defined ideology that expresses its Zionism and its wider beliefs in a distinctive way, without denying people’s right to their own opinions.

This means that within Bnei Akiva, we have enough ideological leeway to have meaningful discussions about the hugely important matters that shape our movement, the chinuch that we deliver as madrichim, Modern Orthodoxy, Religious Zionism and our own beliefs. This leads to an intellectually strong and healthy movement, especially as we are equipped with solid ideological foundations. However, these discussions take place almost exclusively on machane. When machane finishes in the winter, we say goodbye to the unique space that it offers for such discussion and debate for eight months and the same applies to summer machane. But the topics that we all have such strong, dynamic views on do not go away.
The times when discussion has flared up outside of camp, such as the Naftali Bennet controversy, or lack thereof, have shown that there is significant passion and demand for more discussion throughout the year. The fact that this was an issue specific to Bnei Akiva does not detract from our conclusion that we should cultivate these voices, on both sides of any argument, providing space for these opinions to grow, and to challenge each other. We hope that Yediot will serve as this space.
Yediot also has the potential to serve as a significant enhancement to the Torah already taught through BA. Not only will we provide fascinating articles, but we will publish Divrei Torah distinctive to those written in Shabbat Lashem, which we hope will encourage discussion.
We hope that Yediot will serve as a space to discuss all topics in BA, whether they be relating to Torah, Judaism as a political and/or social entity, Zionism, the role of religion and Judaism in society, feminism or any other relevant subjects.  We will happily accept submissions from anyone who feels as though they have something to say, whether it is a D’var  Torah, a satirical piece, an opinion piece, a letter to the editors or a response to a previous article.
We hope that Yediot serves to strengthen and enlighten others on both the diversity and unity of our youth movement.

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